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  • Graham earle (Saturday, September 06 14 01:55 pm BST)

    well done Terry Roberts for an interesting talk on Guy's Cliffe masonic centre. Who would have known the slavery trade and crocodiles can be linked to Guy's Cliffe!

  • Luca O'Neill (Thursday, May 01 14 11:39 pm BST)

    Well done everyone for a wonderful installation. Great to have such a pleasant evening with everyone and a very generous WM.

  • Luca O'Neill (Monday, March 10 14 11:30 am GMT)

    Thank you everybody for the wonderful evening on the 6th of March. I was very impressed and I am very excited to be part of St. Mary's Lodge. Looking forward to seeing you all soon.

  • Eric Bear (Saturday, March 08 14 10:16 pm GMT)

    What a super meeting on 6th, March, everyone who took part were brilliant, and I am sure the candidate was impressed, He will make a great mason.

  • Bob Green (Wednesday, November 13 13 06:21 pm GMT)

    Richard this website now looks very good well done.

  • Luca O'Neill (Monday, November 11 13 01:59 pm GMT)

    I really like the website, very welcoming. Looking forward to meeting you all.

  • terry dodge (Friday, November 08 13 09:57 am GMT)

    Well done Richard the updated Website looks excellant and a great credit to your hard work.

  • Jon Burns (Friday, November 01 13 10:47 am GMT)

    dear sir,
    I am currently looking into my family history, I believe that my granddad Charles Burns was a past master and founder member of your lodge, around 15 years ago I met someone from the lodge and passed
    on my granddads masonic apron etc, I would be gratefull to hear from yourselves my father allen burns was also a mason with your lodge as a lewis which my father told me about I would be gratefull
    for any info or dates concerning my granddad.

  • Eric Bear (Friday, June 14 13 10:01 pm BST)

    The last Lodge Meeting on
    Thursday 6th June was a wonderfull occasion & well executed by all who took part.
    I am sure the Candidate will remember it forever.


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  • S Webb (Tuesday, April 16 13 07:58 pm BST)

    Sundays luch was a great affair, with loads of money raised for a good cause.
    Well done to the worshipful master and his wife for a pleasant afternoon

  • Graham earle (Tuesday, April 16 13 01:53 pm BST)

    I have received several messages of support and congratulations from brethren who attended the recent luncheon. The food was excellent, the magician was entertaining and the atmosphere was wonderful.
    A good time was had by all. Those brethren who were able to attend the luncheon with their wives and friends , I express a personal Thank you for making all the hard work organising it worthwhile.

  • Alan Parker (Monday, March 18 13 12:37 pm GMT)

    well done webmaster a fantastic website, gallery photos are excellent.
    The website most informative and welcoming.
    Having been in St. Mary's Lodge for 26 years, i feel that this website has definitely moved us into the 21st century and hopefully will encourage many new members.

  • Brian Calcott (Saturday, March 16 13 05:15 pm GMT)

    What a joy to visit. The lodge is always very welcoming, even to me.

  • Graham earle (Sunday, March 10 13 05:53 pm GMT)

    well done brethren for making Thursdays meeting a memorable one for Bro Andy Nelson.
    Replacing the word, repository, with suppository, was not the only meaningful event of the evening!

  • Eric Bear (Sunday, March 10 13 05:26 pm GMT)

    St.Mary's Lodge is one of the friendliest in the Provence & deserves to prosper especially now that it is getting new candidates. Good Luck to the new Master Elect.

  • Terry Dodge (Friday, March 08 13 01:07 pm GMT)

    St Mary's is now on my web favorites list as well as St Mary's Lodge being my favorite Lodge. Its has fantastic Members as well as some Celeb Superstars

  • john cowan (Friday, March 08 13 12:47 pm GMT)

    With our website now up and running, I do hope our Secretary will be inundated with equiries re: new members. We are a friendly lodge with a mixture of ages and Masonic experience.

  • Andrew Nelson (Friday, March 08 13 12:58 am GMT)

    St Marys lodge making great steps into 2013, website up and running ( well done to all spending the time to produce a great website). To all looking into masonary I can honestly say as the youngest
    member at St Mary's, within the last two years I have been made to feel very welcome, Any worries or nerves I felt meeting a group of upstanding members from all walks of life and all ages were soon
    diminished. I have built some great friendships with lodge members along the way and have stood by me to make me a more confident and caring person. I would recommend St Mary's to all !!

  • Andy heap (Thursday, February 07 13 11:01 pm GMT)

    Very informative website, excellent!

  • Graham (Sunday, January 06 13 07:00 am GMT)

    I have just added st Marys Lodge to my face book page. Hooray!

  • S Webb (Wednesday, October 24 12 10:22 pm BST)

    A great site and also a great lodge to visit ! The brethren make everyone feel welcome


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