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St Marys Lodge Warwick no. 7244 has the following officers for 2017/18


Richard Ford - Worshipful Master

Barry Williams - Immediate Past Master

Peter Tomlinson - Senior Warden

Terry Dodge - Junior Warden

Bob Green - Senior Deacon

Henry Price - Junior Deacon

Barry Williams - Chaplain

Simon Webb - Director of Ceremonies

Derek Jones - Secretary

Graham Earle - Treasurer

Alan Parker - Inner Guard

Peter Tomlinson - Almoner

Graham Earle - Charity Steward

Trevor Sturt - Guest Tyler

Bob Griffiths - Guest Organist


Our Lodge has 2 preceptors, Eric Bear and Alan Parker


Our senior Lodge officer is Eric Bear


Webmaster - Richard Ford - webmaster@stmaryslodgewarwick.org.uk







 Photographs of our current serving officers and brethren:


Senior Lodge Officer W.Bro. E.B. Bear, P.G.Std.B., P.Prov.J.G.W


St Marys Lodge

No. 7244

Alderson House

23 High Street

CV34 4AX

Tel: 07966 585865






We are actively welcoming applications to join


Please have a look around - you're very welcome!

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